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About us

Otium - A New Club in Split Opens its Doors

Split is getting a new club - Otium, located right by the sea in the Bacvice complex. Otium will be a hub for all those who love good music, concerts, and party enthusiasts. In addition to the regular program, which will consist of two concerts and one party per month, the organizers also highlight numerous accompanying programs, as well as stand-up comedy, quizzes, themed parties, and many other activities.

Unique Design

With its design, Otium will be a true haven this autumn, winter, and spring for all those craving a good and urban nightlife experience. Thanks to its architectural design and a capacity of up to 270 people, it will provide a special intimate experience, whether it's a concert, a party, or some other personalized program.

Memorable Concerts

Quality music is the vision and life of the Otium club, and its mission is to bring established and lesser-known names deserving of attention. The genres will be diverse, ranging from eclectic performances, contemporary pop, fusion of sounds, rock and roll, to soulful music. Only the finest selections in collaboration with talented domestic and foreign artists.

Dance for All the Senses

The party program, with occasional guest appearances or local collectives, will always make Otium's dance floor a safe place for all partygoers who love to feel and experience the groove as they step out of their comfort zone and relax after a long week. Once a month, an international artist will be hosted with the essential support of local talent.

Events to Remember

Otium is not just a club; it is also the perfect venue for special occasions and gatherings, whether corporate, birthday, or any other type of celebration. The professional Otium club team, with years of experience, can fulfill all your event organization needs to the highest standards and with ease.

We invite you to experience Otium, a place where experiences blend into special entertainment, whether it's a concert, a party, or a special event.

Join us at Bacvice, where we come together in good energy to create a place where we all accept and respect each other, regardless of our differences, and where we celebrate life through music and what we love.